Sourdough loaf, local olive oil

Sourdough loaf, local olive oil

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1 loaf

Classic bread and oil combo
Locally made sourdough bread and Yellingbo olive oil.

This dish serves up to 10 people when included in one of our suggested meal packages.

  • Lunch: 2 x Entreé, 1 x Main, 2 x Sides

  • Dinner: 3 x Entreé, 2 x Main, 3 x Sides

Recommended with:

  • Hazelnut dukkah

  • Mount Zero olives

  • Cured meats

Dietary information:

Loaves required:
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Preparation and storage instructions:

  • Store product at room temperature for up to 3 days

  • Serve with olive oil

  • Refrigerate any leftovers immediately and consume within 48 hours

  • Please note: The Grub Club PTY LTD relinquishes the responsibility for the safe handling and storage practices of the product, once it leaves our care.